The Metron Story

Metron is an imaging software for use with DR and CR radiography systems.  World-class imaging algorithms produce the best image possible from the imaging hardware.   Metron stores and organizes images (radiographs, ultrasounds, photographs, etc) and has been designed with the doctor in mind.  Beyond great images and the easy-to-use interface, Metron also provides many value-added features for the practitioner.


Metron supports adding notes, accurate physical measurements, and other mark-up to images.  Metron's report generator allows the easy creation and editing of formatted, multi-page reports.  Starting with raw images, and quickly and easily produce final reports.


Metron Imaging was founded in 1999 by Monique and John Craig.  Based on the research and development in bio-mechanics that they had done, Metron was developed to have an automated way to calibrate radiographs and perform key measurements.  They have done years of research related to measuring things of interest in radiographs and have received a patent (and have a second patent pending) for their measurement techniques.   

We are always excited about each new Metron release.  Updates always provide opportunities to produce even better images offering even more of those great features medical professionals need.