Upgrade from Metron-MD-Lite to Metron-MD

Metron-MD-Lite is image acquisition software for human medical use.  It has all the features you need to control the CR or DR acquisition hardware.  It can receive DICOM modality worklists from a remote PACs, and can send the acquired images to a remote PACs.  It supports calibration of images and accurate free mark-up measurement tools, side-by-side image viewing, and a full complement of image processing tools.  Metron-MD-Lite can post images to www.MetronWebViewer.com and also has the ability to burn a CD or DVD containing images and a mini-viewer program.

But beyond Metron-MD-Lite, there are many more features available to you if you upgrade to Metron-MD.   Upgrading to Metron-MD turns your acquisition software into an all-in-one acquisition and mini-PACs solution.  When you upgrade from Metron-MD-Lite you gain these additional features:

1. Additional DICOM abilities
The ability to "DICOM Receive" images from other systems is added.  Other modalities can transmit images to Metron-MD, and they will be accepted and placed into your Metron database.   Also, the ability to use "DICOM Query/Reterieve" to pull images from a remote PACs server into your local Metron database is added.  Finally, the ability to "DICOM Print" is added, so that MetronMD can directly print images to a DICOM-enabled printer.

2. 'Guided Mark-Up' for Analysis of Various Anatomy

Guided Mark-Up is Metron-MD's claim to fame.  This is a feature which guides the user to pick certain key anatomical features, and then computes important measures from those picks.  For example, Metron-MD supports guided mark-up in order to analyze the lateral and AP views of the cervical or lumbar spine, the AP view of the thoracic spine, and the AP view of the pelvis.

3. Report Creation

Metron-MD contains the ability to create multi-page professional reports containing images and any textual comments you wish to add.

4. Image Stitching

Metron-MD provides a tool so that you can stitch 2 or more images together into a single image.  For example, create a full spine image from 3 original images of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar shots.

5. Before/After Morphing

An amazing feature found in no other imaging software is the ability to create a video 'morph' from a 'before' and an 'after' image.  This is a fantastic way to show your clients the change that has occured due to an exercise regimen, or a surgical treatment.  The way it works: simply perform guided mark-up of a 'before' image and an 'after' image of the same anatomy, and then ask Metron-MD to create the morph.  A short video clip is created and added to your Metron database which shows the 'before' image smoothly flowing into the 'after' image.

6. Voice Annotation Ability

Connect a microphone to your PC and use this feature to attach your voiced comments to an image.  These can be played back within Metron, and also will post along with the image to www.MetronWebViewer.com for your clients or colleagues to hear as they view the image.

7. Create/Edit custom Filtering Algorithms
Metron-MD gives you the ability to redesign the supplied image processing algorithms to create the best possible image exactly as you want it displayed.

8. True Size Display and Print

Metron-MD has the ability to render images at true scale size on your monitor or on your printer.

9. Special Image and Data Export Features
Two additional ways to get results out of your Metron-MD system are: "Save by Rule" and
"Save Data".  "Save by rule" lets you predefine where you wish to export images and how you want the resulting image files named.  This makes later exports of images very simple with 2 mouse clicks.  The "Save Data" feature allows you to export any and all measurements you have made on a group of images to an Excel spreadsheet for later analysis.

10. Additional Image Processing Tools
Metron-MD adds the ability to "false-color colorize" radiographs and other images.  Also the special "emboss" algorithm is available. 

11. Database Search to Create Collections
This feature allows Metron-MD to scan your entire database, and extract a set of images with certain attributes, for example, all lateral cervical radiographs that have been marked up.

12. Additonal Tools for Metron Databases
For example, the ability to import a Metron database and merge it into your existing database.

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